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Did You Know?

Did You Know?


Jacksonville College President

Did you know these facts about Jacksonville College?

  1. JC was birthed out of a prayer meeting in a Baptist pastor’s home in January 1899.

  2. An offering of $23 was taken to start the college.

  3. In March 1899, a group met in Palestine to form “The East Texas Educational Society.”

  4. The East Texas Educational Society applied for a charter for the college on June 10,1899, and the Secretary of the State of Texas approved and signed the charter on July 26,1899.

  5. July 20,1899, a building site of 18 acres was bought for the college.

  6. The first building was known as “Old Main” and was completed in December of 1899.

  7. The college enrollment started with 34 students but grew to 85 by the end of the first session.

  8. R.C. Burleson, President of Baylor University and the man who baptized Sam Houston, gave the dedicatory address.

  9. The college was organized as a senior college and operated as one until 1918 when it was reorganized as a junior college and continues to function as such to this day, awarding the associate degree.

  10. From 1918 until 1958, the college also operated an academy that offered high school courses.

  11. In 1923, the original charter was amended to allow the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas to become the owners of Jacksonville College.

  12. On April 19, 2004, the college affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

  13. The college’s official name has always been Jacksonville College even though it is often referred to as Jacksonville Baptist College.

  14. The governing body is The Jacksonville College Board of Trustees. Ten trustees are from BMA of Texas Churches, four are from Southern Baptists of Texas Churches and one is at large.

  15. The mission of Jacksonville College is to provide a quality education from a biblical worldview that challenges minds, transforms lives, and equips students for servant leadership and lifelong learning.

  16. Jacksonville College is the only faith based two-year college left in the state of Texas.

Now you know. Pray for Jacksonville College and support us financially.


Jacksonville College wishes to apologize for inadvertently misspelling Bro. James Schafer’s name in the College’s “A Legacy” article in the August issue of the Baptist Progress.

On Wednesday, August 23, JC Dean of Students Donny Sadler spoke in Chapel. He preached a message that challenged students to examine their relationship with God, and nine students came forward to trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

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