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JC Hires VP for Executive Affairs

Jacksonville College is pleased to welcome Dr. Blanton Feaster as our Vice President for Executive Affairs and instructor in the Department of Religion. Blanton comes to Jacksonville College from Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas, where he served as Education and Administration Pastor for more than four years. Blanton joins the JC family with a minister’s heart and a strong background in education and leadership.

After graduating from Dallas Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education in 2002, Blanton received a Master of Arts in Christian Education in 2006. He has since earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Dallas Baptist University, where he has also worked as an adjunct instructor in the Graduate School of Ministry.

In 2004, Blanton married Jaime Rosulin Parrish, and in 2008, God blessed them with the birth of their son, Parrish Blanton Feaster.

Blanton has served in various churches throughout the state of Texas, including Wichita Falls, Sherman, Euless, Garland, Avalon, and Waxahachie. Throughout Blanton’s life, God has equipped him to minister to others. According to Blanton, “God has used a combination of personal spiritual growth, family and personal relationships, life experiences, academic training, and ministry experiences to teach and shape me for this purpose. As a minister, my heart’s desire is to make certain that my personal walk with Jesus Christ is what it should be. I am committed to serve those who want to make an eternal difference in their community and in places across the world for the cause of Jesus Christ.”

Blanton feels that he has been called to lead in the areas of administration and education, both in the local church and in the academic arena, for the purpose of equipping believers to serve in their respective ministries. As he joins the Jacksonville College family, Blanton will be able to use his strengths to help the College grow. His role will be to assist the President in administrative efforts to bring cohesion among all departments of the College. Blanton explains, “I will be working alongside each department to strengthen collaboration in order to enhance productivity. My philosophy is ministry=relationships. I look forward to interfacing with every department to strategize initiatives for future growth.”

We are excited to see how God plans to use Blanton at Jacksonville College as we continue to provide a quality education from a biblical worldview that challenges minds, transforms lives, and equips students for servant leadership and lifelong learning.

Dr. Blanton Feaster

On November 2, Dr. Jobe Martin presented a lecture series at Jacksonville College about his transformation from an evolutionist to a creationist, the scientific problems with evolution, and the evidence for a young earth.

At the end of the JC Christmas program, Bro. Mike recognized retiring choral director Tim Timmons for his faithful service to Jacksonville College and the Music Program.

During the JC Christmas program, Randy Decker directed the choir as they sang O Come, All Ye Faithful. In January of 2017, Randy will become the new Chair of the Music Program.

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