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Debt Free in Three: 2020

When I was a boy, I remember crying, “Mama, my legs hurt.” She would rub them and attempt to console me, “Those are growing pains.” I thought to myself that it sure does hurt to grow. Today, Jacksonville College is experiencing growing pains. Our enrollment has grown every semester, and the increase in student population creates stress on our infrastructure. In December, we had major plumbing problems in the cafeteria. Five large air conditioning units across campus have gone out, and the working units are under stress trying to keep up with AC demands. In addition, the Joe Wright property cannot be completed until a new roof is put on.

Continued student growth over the past few years has also created a need for more student housing. Houses adjacent to our campus were old and required renovations before they could be used as student residences. Thanks to volunteers like The Master's Builders and alumni groups, we saved labor costs, but the materials were expensive. In order to maintain our facilities, we have borrowed against ourselves; now the need is to pay our investments back and become debt free.

In order to become debt free, Jacksonville College needs your help. First, thank you for your faithful support. Please continue because this pays our operational expenses. In addition to your regular support, we ask you to consider giving one third more than usual in order to help pay off the debt. For example, if you and/or your church gives $100 a month please continue; this support is essential. Plus, add $33 more a month for three years. If every person, association, or church would give a third more, JC would be debt free by 2020. “Debt Free in Three.” Your support will help Jacksonville College continue its ministry of educating students from a biblical worldview.

Why I work at Jacksonville College...

“Working at Jacksonville College is a blessing. I not only get to work with Christian co-workers, but my job also gives me the opportunity to work with so many of our BMA supporters whom I have known and loved through the years. Truly, time spent at Jacksonville College is more of a mission that just a job.”

Buddy Aultman, Director of Development

Member of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville

Why I attend Jacksonville College...

“I came to Jacksonville College to further my education and to learn and grow in Christ. I came to learn from teachers who have been in the ministry. I love how we are taught from a biblical worldview.”

Lance Eubanks, student from Ben Wheeler, Texas Member of First Baptist Church, Ben Wheeler


STUDENT: Mother, I got a 100 today.

MOTHER: What did you get a 100 in?

STUDENT: I got a 60 in reading and a 40 in math.

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