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Jacksonville College is Unique

In the United States

  • 5,000 colleges of all types exist.

  • 1,000 of these are two-year colleges.

  • 50 of these two-year colleges are religious.

In Texas

  • 195 colleges of all types exist.

  • 70 of these are community, two-year colleges.

  • 4 of these are technical colleges.

  • 42 of these are religious colleges:

  • 12 Baptist

  • 7 Catholic

  • 6 Methodist

  • 6 Church of Christ/Christian

  • 3 Presbyterian

  • 3 Non-Denominational, Interdenominational, or Multi Denominational

  • 2 Lutheran

  • 1 African Methodist Episcopal

  • 1 Seventh-Day Adventist

  • 1 Assembly of God

How many of the two-year colleges in Texas are religious? One—Jacksonville College is it. Jacksonville College is unique and not for everyone, but the College is ideal for any student who wants:

  • a quality education,

  • a Christian environment,

  • affordability,

  • a fully accredited college,

  • athletics (men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, golf, and soccer),

  • theater,

  • choir,

  • band,

  • 60 hours of Texas core requirements,

  • online courses and degrees, and

  • scholarships (received by 95% of students).

Jacksonville College exists to provide a quality education from a biblical worldview that challenges minds, transforms lives, and equips students for servant leadership and lifelong learning. Visit to start the admissions process, or contact Sandra Clay in the Admissions office at (903) 589-7110,

Jacksonville College students and employees gathered to pray together for the May 5 observance of the National Day of Prayer.

During the National Day of Prayer, JC students and employees humbled themselves in prayer for personal repentance and renewal, and for God’s supernatural intervention behalf of America.


Registration is ongoing for Summer I and II, and Fall 2016.

Students outside the immediate Jacksonville area can register for Fall 2016 on one of three New Student Registration Days: June 25, July 8, and July 30.

For students in the immediate Jacksonville area, registration for Fall 2016 will be open every Tuesday in June and July.

For more information and for full course schedules, visit

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