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New Dean of Students

Jacksonville College is pleased to present Donny Sadler as the new Dean of Students at Jacksonville College. As dean, Donny will not teach any classes. Instead, he will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and overseeing student activities. He will be highly involved in campus life and will spend much of his time talking and listening to students.

Born and raised in New London, Texas, Donny joined the United States Army at the age of 17, and he stayed in the army for 10 years. He attended The University of Texas at El Paso, as well as Jacksonville College.

Donny has been married to his wife, Staci, for 12 years, and God has blessed them with four beautiful children: Seth, Nathan, Mathew, and Ellie. The Sadlers share a love for the Gospel and a desire to serve the Lord.

As a preacher with a passion for evangelism, Donny encourages other believers to share their faith. Donny served as associate pastor of Latch Missionary Baptist Church in Gilmer for 1 ½ years, and as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in New Summerfield for five years. He spent 3 ½ years as associate pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville before he was called to Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Jacksonville, where he has served as pastor for the past four years.

With a desire to share God’s love and truth with college students, Donny has been very involved in outreach at Jacksonville College for a number of years. While at First Baptist in Jacksonville, Donny started a college ministry called Vertical, and after he was called to pastor Woodland Heights, he continued his ministry to college students with F.U.E.L. (Finding Unconditional Eternal Love). During weekly F.U.E.L. meetings, students gather on the Jacksonville College campus for a time of Bible study, worship, and fellowship. In 2015, Donny

also volunteered to serve as JC Chaplain.

Students love and respect Donny, and they know they can trust his counsel because it is founded on the Word of God. Donny’s love of Jacksonville College students and his desire to see them become Christian leaders with strong moral values made him the ideal candidate for the position of Dean of Students.

Donny explains:

“I feel that my position as Dean of Students is just an extension of those college ministries. I am looking forward to playing a more intricate role in the lives of our students. Studies show that students leave church and set aside their faith during their college years, and most either return in their thirties or they never return at all. My goal is to bridge that gap and to keep them plugged into their faith during their time at Jacksonville College, and to equip them to be stronger church members in their home church when they leave us. I want to take advantage of possibly the last opportunity we have before our students go into the world and begin their families and careers, to touch them with the Word of God and help them start out in

the right direction. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be Dean of Students at a faith based college like Jacksonville College.”

Jacksonville College is blessed to have a man with a passion for the Lord and a love for our students as Dean of Students. Last August when Donny spoke in Chapel, 37 students responded to the altar call. When Donny addressed students during the opening Chapel of Spring 2016, he used Hebrews 12 to challenge students to trust God for endurance in their studies and in their faith. At the end of the message, over 90% of the students present stood to affirm their commitment to trust Jesus even when times are difficult. Pray with us that God will continue to work in a mighty way through Donny in his new role at Jacksonville College.

Jacksonville College students gather for F.U.E.L, a college ministry led by JC Dean of Students Donny Sadler.

Donny Sadler (far left) and the JC Ministerial Alliance stand in front of the three wooden crosses that now stand to the left of the College’s main entrance. The crosses were purchased with funds raised by the Ministerial Alliance.


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