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Matthew records Jesus’ first sermon is, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt. 4:17). Now, emphasis is upon the positive rather than the negative. Preaching against sin is considered by many to be ineffective.

Several times, Susan and I have had the privilege of visiting Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and home of Jan Hus, the famous Protestant preacher during the Reformation. His messages vigorously attacked the sins and indiscretions of the priests and people. This did not sit well with the church leaders. On November 28, 1414, Hus was arrested and burned at the stake. As the flames shot up around him, he was heard singing to Jesus. The followers of Hus developed into the Moravians, who led John Wesley to the Lord as they traveled together on a ship. Wesley’s ministry continued the Moravian emphasis on holiness and repentance from sin.

Jacksonville College is unashamed to be considered a Baptist Christian college with high moral standards. We do not allow the use of drugs or alcohol, or the practice of premarital sex on campus. Every semester, it seems we have to instruct students to leave and find another college because they do not want to follow our standards. Jacksonville College is not for everyone, but it is a great place to receive an excellent faith-based education. If you know of a student who is attending or planning to attend a secular college noted to be a “party school,” urge them to consider Jacksonville College, a college that provides an excellent education with a biblical worldview.


On Wednesday, August 26, Donny Saddler, pastor of Woodland Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, shared the Gospel in Chapel. Thirty-seven students responded to the altar call. The following Sunday, two students were saved during Jag Day at Woodland Heights. Bro. Saddler is a former Jacksonville College student and currently serves as volunteer chaplain for the College.

Jacksonville College Chaplain Donny Saddler presents the Gospel in Chapel.

The Jacksonville College worship team leads in praise during Chapel on August 26.

On Friday, August 28, JC President Dr. Mike Smith was the speaker for the Leadership Banquet for First Baptist Church, Jacksonville.