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To Do or Not To Do--That is the Question


Often, when we are faced with a question, we consider all the pros and cons related to the decision. When Gil Stricklin was trying to decide to start Marketplace Ministries, he had many reasons not to start but only one to start—“This is God’s will for our life at this time.” On January 1, 1974, he resigned his job, and with $25.00 and a Datsun vehicle as his office, he started Marketplace Ministries. Today, more than forty years later, the organization has over 2,800 chaplains who serve over 600 companies worldwide and care for more than 155,000 employees plus their 432,000 family members. Outside of the military, it is the oldest and largest workplace chaplain ministry in the world.

Another person who sought God’s will for her life was Angie, a working mother who sensed God wanted her go back to college. She had many good reasons not to go but one overriding reason to go—God’s will. She enrolled in Jacksonville College, even though she knew how difficult the added work would be. Her day consisted of going to work at 11 p.m. each evening and getting off work at 7 a.m. She drove to Jacksonville College for classes from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., then returned home to care for family’s needs and to get a few hours of sleep before repeating the cycle the next day. A self-disciplined and highly motivated student, Angie followed God’s will and earned an associate degree from Jacksonville College.

You may be able to think of various reasons not to attend Jacksonville College—lack of money or time, age concerns, poor study skills, etc. However, there is one good reason to attend—God’s will.


Pray for Dr. Smith as he represents Jacksonville College as he speaks/preaches on the following dates:

August 2-5: Revival at Jackson Baptist Church, Canton

August 11: SBTC Executive Board

August 12: In-service

August 13: Revival at Pilgrim Rest, Golden

August 16-19: Bible Conference at Hilltop Baptist Church, Frankston

August 28: Sunday School Workers Meeting, FBC, Jacksonville

September 6: JC Choir sings at Houston area churches, and sings the national anthem at Houston Astros game at Minute Made Park.

September 13-16: Revival at FBC, New Summerfield

September 19: Conflict Training for deacons in Baytown Association

September 13: Golden Jubilee at FBC, Jacksonville


We thank all the churches and individuals who have given money to the College for Jaguar Day across Texas, and for storm damage recovery. We also thank the volunteer groups that contributed money, time, and labor this summer:

  • The Master’s Builders repaired the storm damaged Ragsdale House (JC student housing).

  • Randy Decker, president of the Bearden-Bonner-Gaylor Chapter of the JC Alumni and Ex-Students Association, led a group of alumni and JC friends to paint Collins Residence Hall.

  • The North Cleburne Baptist Church’s youth group prepped and, along with the Van Zandt District GMA, painted the new weight lifting room in the gym of our Joe Wright campus.