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Jaguar Day Across Texas

Jaguar Day Across Texas


The Jaguar Day Across Texas offering is Jacksonville College’s annual effort to raise money for the needs of the College. We ask you to pray and give sacrificially on Sunday, May 3 or at any other time during the months of May or June to support Jaguar Day Across Texas.

This offering will help Jacksonville College

  • make it financially through the lean summer months,

  • paint and repair facilities-----$30,000.00,

  • buy security equipment-------$10,00.00.

Every church or individual who gives a donation at or above the suggested amounts will receive a gift of appreciation:

$50.00: Creation Proclaims DVD

Through encounters with wild animals, Dan “The Animal Man” Breeding and Dr. Jobe Martin show how creation proclaims the character, majesty, and power of our Creator.

$100.00: The NET Bible (New English Translation)

The NET Bible is a new translation with 60,932 notes. This Bible is used by Wycliffe Bible Translators to assist their field translators.

$150.00: Constitution Alive DVDs

David Barton, an expert in historical and constitutional issues, and Rick Green, former Texas State Representative, discuss the purpose of the U.S. Constitution.

$200.00: The Patriot KJV Audio Bible

This set includes 60 audio CDs, America’s Most Pressing Concern DVD, Indestructible Book DVD, MP3 CD of America’s founding documents, and a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

$400.00: The donor will receive all of the above gifts.

Make checks payable to Jacksonville College, and make a notation on the check for Jaguar Day. Mail checks to 105 B.J. Albritton Drive, Jacksonville, Texas 75766.


On Friday, March 27, Jacksonville College employees attended a seminar led by JC President Mike Smith on conflict resolution. The text used for the seminar was Bro. Mike’s Conflict: Causes & Cures. Pictured above, attendees take a survey as part of the seminar to identify personality traits, which play a major role in conflict and resolution.

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