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Jacksonville College Employees


Former President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt said, “The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” I am thankful for the great staff we have at Jacksonville College. Let me introduce them to you:


Academic Dean, Athletic Director: Lynn Nabi

Business Manager: Ann Cumbee

Chief Information Officer, Computer Science Instructor: Mike Creech

Chief of Security, Director of Housing: Mike Morse

Dean of Students: Kaley Dean

Director of Admissions: Sandra Clay

Director of Bookstore: Will Cumbee

Director of Development and Alumni: Buddy Aultman

Director of Financial Aid: Paul Galyean

Director of Food Services: Debbie Grubbs

Director of Maintenance: Dan Shoffner

Director of Public Relations, Spanish Instructor: Dr. David Heflin

Office Manager: Jennifer Guerra

President: Dr. Mike Smith

Registrar: Jodye Herring

Full-Time Faculty

Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball: Donald Vanden Berge

Assistant Coach for Women’s Basketball, Physical Education Instructor: Karlee Wilson

Athletic Trainer, Physical Education Instructor: Vanessa Dockter

Biology: Tina Lane

Chemistry, Developmental Math: Dr. Darrell Kirchner

Computer Science, Government, History, Humanities: Dr. Patricia Richey

English, Developmental Reading and Writing: Dr. Jan Modisette

English, Speech: Marolyn Welch

English: Vanita Pettey

Golf Coach: Lynn Nabi

Government, History, Theater: Mary Lewis

Head Coach for Men’s Basketball, Physical Education Instructor: Jody Bailey

Head Coach for Women’s Basketball, Physical Education Instructor: Leasa Ailshie

Music: Tim Timmons

Psychology and Sociology: Sandra White

Religion: Dr. Mike Smith