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Residence Hall


In 1903, Rev. J.M. Newburn, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville at the time, built a beautiful Victorian style home across from the Jacksonville College campus. When the College needed housing facilities, the home served as a dormitory. According to historical records, it contained “eight commodious rooms” for young ladies. The board was $5-$7 per month. Today, we know the home as the Newburn-Rawlinson House, which houses our offices of Development and Alumni.

In 1923, a campaign was started to build Collins Hall to house ladies; it was completed in 1926. In 1946, Memorial Hall was built to house men. In later years, both Collins Hall and Memorial Hall were rebuilt, but their original names were kept.

In 2012, as enrollment increased, it became evident that if growth were to continue, additional student housing was needed. Long range plans were made to build three residence halls, each housing 20 students. The first phase would be the construction of the first residence hall by the fall of 2014. An alumnus gave $40,000 as seed money to start the fundraising for the new residence hall. The WMA of the BMA of Texas adopted this as their project and raised over $15,000. In April 2014, the Southern Baptists of Texas gave $300,000 to help with the project. The BMAA Master’s Builders started work on the new residence hall on June 1. We thank God and all He used to make this possible.

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Residence Hall 1.jpg

While one team is laying tar paper on the roof, another team installs the soffits.

Residence Hall 2.jpg

The residence will soon be bricked.

Residence Hall 3.jpg

Shingles are installed on the roof. Pictured in the background is the restored Newburn-Rawlinson House.

Residence Hall 4.jpg

Installing windows

Residence Hall 6.jpg

The building is now dried in, with the roof and exterior walls protected and windows and doors installed.

Residence Hall 7.jpg

Electrical wiring now running through the residence hall

Residence Hall 8.jpg

JC employee Jorge Cruz begins painting.

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