Norman Library Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a friend's ID card for checking out materials or using the computers in the Library?

No. You must use your own Jacksonville College ID card. If you use another ID, we may refuse service and keep the ID card.

How do I get help if I'm having trouble accessing the library databases?

You should send an email to or call the library staff at (903) 589-7116 during regular business hours. You may also schedule an appointment for a video meeting by calling (903) 589-7111. Emails sent after 4:00 p.m. may be answered the following business day. Emails on Friday after 12:00 p.m. may not be answered until Monday.

May I use the library computers for LockDown Browser?

Yes. The library does have several computers with LockDown Browser installed. We also have several laptops that have LockDown Browser installed. Remember, you will need your Jacksonville College ID card to use the library computers. Please stop by the Circulation Desk to show the staff your ID card and let them know you will be using LockDown Browser. The staff will return the ID card to you for use with LockDown Browser.

Can I save work to the hard drive of the computers in the library?

No. You should bring a USB drive or save work your Google Drive. The computer hard drives are wiped periodically.

Can I print from my laptop to the library printer?

No. The library printer does not have wireless printing capabilities. You should save your work and the use one of the library computers in order to print.

Does the library have textbooks that I can use?

Yes. We have some textbooks for student use. Please check with the Circulation Desk to see if we have the textbook you need. Textbooks are available for your use during regular business hours.

Is there a charge for printing?

Yes. Single-sided black and white prints are 10 cents per page. Double-sided prints are 15 cents per page. Single-sided color prints are 1 dollar per page and double-sided prints are 1.75 dollars per page.

If I have a problem with a computer or other equipment in the Norman Library what should I do?

You should report computer or equipment problems to the Circulation Desk immediately. The library staff will assist you with this problem or report the problem to the IT department.

If a computer is slow to respond or does not work, should I just switch computers?

No. Please report the problem to the Circulation Desk. You will be directed to another computer by the attendant at the desk.

Can I use Internet Explorer as my web browser?

No. Please use Google Chrome.

What is the login and password for access to the library databases?

Use the same login and password that you use to login to MOODLE and EMPOWER.

Do I have to select a printer when printing a document?

Yes. Please make sure the printer is set to Valerie before printing.

Do I have to select a print color?

Yes. Please verify the printer color selection before you print. Black and white copies are less expensive than color copies. See the cost of copies as printed in the Norman Library Handbook.

Does the library provide USB flash drives?

No. Please bring your own USB flash drive.

What is TexShare?

TexShare is a collection of multiple databases that are available for your use. Some of the databases included in TexShare are: EBSCO, Credo, Academic Search Complete, Gale Science in Context, just to name a few.

How do I find the library databases?

You may access the databases from the Library Course in Moodle. The library databases are also available on the library homepage in the purple box labeled “Databases”.

Can I post or share access to the college databases with my family or friends?

No, these are subscription databases; information should not be shared or posted for open access.

Are there any library helps available for searching the EBSCO databases?

Yes, on the Library Course in Moodle there is a basic and advanced search tutorial available. You will also find a PowerPoint database orientation available to guide you through accessing all databases. You will also find an example of a search using one of the databases available through TexShare in the Library Course in Moodle.

Where can I find information on citing in MLA style formatting?

You may access information on MLA style formatting in several different ways. First, you may gain access from the Library Course in Moodle under “MLA Style Help” you will find the online source Purdue Owl and the MLA Style Center Quick Guide. Second, MLA style formatting information may be accessed from the Library Home Page in the purple box titled, “MLA Style Center” Then finally, you may also check- out MLA Handbooks which are on reserve in the library.

Do I have to leave the Moodle Platform to access the databases or MLA style helps?

No, the databases and MLA style helps should open in a new window. This will allow you to use the databases and MLA style helps and work in Moodle at the same time.