From small-town East Texas to

where you are in this wide world,


If you’re reading this, I already know three things about you.

  • You have lived in interesting places and seen more than the average teenager.

  • You are considering what to do after high school – and your options are broad.

  • Like every college-age student, you have a mixture of excitement and apprehension about this next step in your life.  Yours is just amplified by life circumstances.


We understand.  And because we value your parents’ work for God’s kingdom and recognize your unique life script, we want to partner with you and them. 


We also know

  • We have something to offer you.

We can provide you an affordable, academically-sound education from a biblical worldview.  Because you have been educated and raised abroad, we desire to be even more – a safe place where you can reenter US culture, find a family here, and know you are loved and supported in the process.

  • YOU have something to offer us!

Because you come to college from a broader life experience than most of our students, you open a world for them that doesn’t end at the state line, that doesn’t speak only English, and that isn’t afraid of change. 


You enrich us as we provide a haven during your transition time from where you’ve been to where you’re going.


There are some burning questions you need answers for as you search for the school that is right for you, and I’ll try to answer the main ones here.  You’ll find ways to contact us at the bottom if you want more specific information.



  • Small 2-year Christian college. 

  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges [SACS]. 

  • Member of the National Junior College Athletic Association [NJCAA].



  • Evidence of high school completion. 

    • If you graduated from an international school using American curriculum, the official transcript will be required. 

    • Completion of a non-American curriculum must meet whatever standard applies to that category of school.  For example, from an IB school, we’d need your IB diploma and a transcript. 

    • From a national school in Romania, we’d require whatever documentation the Romanian government provides.  I use the list of required documents from the website.

  • ACT composite score of 12 or SAT composite of 680.

(Citizens of other countries should go to our international web page for information that applies to you.)



  1. Apply online using the first-time freshman application form UNLESS you have attended a US college or university AFTER high school.  If your college credit is all dual credit, then still use the freshman one.

  2. Have your high school email or fax a copy of your in-progress transcript and test scores.  A final official one will be required before final admission, but an early admission decision can be made as early as the summer before your senior year if we have something showing what you are registered for and your test scores.



We require our students to enroll in 15 credit hours per semester since the Associate degree is 60 hours.  This allows you to finish a 2-year degree in 2 years.  Who knew?


The full annual cost for the current academic year of 2017 – 2018 for tuition, room, board, and standard fees is $15,400.00.  There will always be small extra fees such as lab fees, etc, but those are minimal.  You shop for your books online; $1000.00 per year is a fair estimate of what to expect if you buy. Renting is less expensive than that.



There are 4 basic sources of financial assistance: federal, state, institutional, and outside grants and scholarships.  Some or all of these may apply to you.  We take seriously the responsibility to help you access as much of the first 3 types as possible.  You will need to be proactive in seeking outside help.

  • Federal financial aid is based on family need.  To determine if you qualify, you must complete the online FAFSA at  For the current year, students who are fully qualified receive $5920.00.  Each year is a little different, typically a little higher.

  • Residents of Texas may be eligible for need-based state aid.  For those eligible, the amount this year is $3364.00.  Amount varies per year.

  • Jacksonville College gives only 1 scholarship per student. We look to see which scholarships a student qualifies for, and then if there is more than one, we give the highest amount. 

  • Our new MK scholarship is currently $5000 per year, and it is one of the highest we offer.   





Admissions:; (01) 903.589.7110; fax = (01) 903.541.4091

Financial Aid:; (01) 903.589.7135