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The application process begins with completing and submitting an application for admission. Select the application below that best describes your current status. Once you have completed and submitted the application, see the Requirements page to finish your application process.


To return to an incomplete application, go to Select "Continue Application" in the top menu and log in with your newly-assigned student number and the email address you entered in the application form.


First-Time Applicant

A first-time applicant has never attended college after high school graduation. Current high school students and GED holders may apply as a first-time applicant.





Transfer Applicant

If you have attended any other college(s) since high school and now want to become a degree-seeking student at Jacksonville College, complete this form.  If you only want to take prerequisite courses for another program or are just taking summer classes toward a degree at your regular college/university, use the TRANSIENT form below.





Transient Applicant

Degree seeking students in good standing at another accredited institution may take selected classes as transient students at Jacksonville College based on their college/s permission, These students do not become degree-seeking at Jacksonville College. If the students wants to use financial aid, he/she must make arrangements with their home institution.

Transient students MUST complete two steps (online application and registration form) in order to take courses at Jacksonville College:

Step 1: Complete the online Transient Application which may be accessed here:

              Effective March 24, 2022  a $25.00 application fee will be charged for each Transient Application.

Step 2: Submit the Transient Registration Form (instructions and link at the end of the Transient Application).

The student will be registered for the course(s) on the Transient Registration Agreement provided both the application and form are complete. No further action is necessary to register. 

Reduced tuition for the short terms of Winter, May, and Summer. Fall and Spring regular tuition applies.

A new Transient Registration Agreement must be submitted for any subsequent term enrollments.

Re-Admission Applicant

An applicant qualifies for readmission if he/she has been a student at Jacksonville College at some point after high school but has not gone to school anywhere else. A student must apply for readmission after he/she has not been enrolled at Jacksonville College for at least one long semester.





Non-Degree Seeking Applicant

A non-degree applicant does not plan to earn a degree of any kind at any school and does not plan to use financial aid (limited to 4 classes).





Dual Credit & Concurrent Applicant

A dual credit/concurrent applicant is still in high school and wants to take dual credit classes as part of his/her high school program. See Dual Credit/Concurrent Applicant Requirements for more details.






An International applicant is a citizen of another country and his/her home is outside the United States. An International applicant will attend on an F-1 student visa. See the International page for more information.




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