Academic Dean Frequently Asked Questions

How do I appeal my grade in a course?

See page 47 in the College Catalog for the process of appealing a final grade in a course. If you are having a problem regarding an academic issue in a course, always try to resolve the issue with the instructor first. You may contact the Academic Dean if you need further quidance.

Do you offer classes in .....?

To see all of the courses offered at Jacksonville College, see the College Catalog, pages 66-85. You can see a schedule of courses by term by using the Course Offerings link. Using this link you are able to locate courses by term, department, or instructor.

My professor/instructor has not answered my email.

Jacksonville College policy allows for a 24 hour response time from instructors to students.

Who is my advisor?

To find your advisor, login to your Empower account. Open the Student Records tab at the top of the page. Click on the Advisor link listed under Student Records section.

How many hours am I allowed to take?

The Academic Dean must approve a student’s program if the student is registering for nineteen (19) or more semester hours. No student may register for more than twenty-one semester hours in a long-term semester. The Academic Dean must approve more than 10 semester hours in any given summer session and more than 8 hours in a Winter term or Maymester.

Does Jacksonville College have an Honors Program?

Yes. You will find the description and eligibility guidelines on page 43 of the College Catalog. (The catalog is located under the Academics tab on the Jacksonville College homepage.)

Does Jacksonville College offer VA benefits?

Yes. Before the school term begins, you should apply directly to an office of the Veterans Administration for a certificate of eligibility. The certificate of eligibility should then be submitted to the office of the Academic Dean at the time of registration. If you are enrolled at another institution, you must also provide your Joint Service Transcript and any other college transcripts to the Office of the Academic Dean.