Thank you for your interest in Jacksonville College!

The application process begins with completing and submitting an application for admission. 

  • For American students, there is no application fee.
  • Students requiring a Form I-20 sent outside the US will pay the international application fee of $100 due to the cost of courier service.

 To return to an incomplete application, go to  Select the tab for Continue Application and log in with your newly-assigned student number and the email address you entered into the application form.  You will be able to update each section separately.


Term dates:

  • Fall – August to December
  • Winter – short terms
    • Session 1: Dec 13 – Jan 10 [online and independent study only]
    • Session 2: Jan 2 – Jan 20 [in-seat only]
  • Spring – January to May
  • May - 2 week intensive term
  • Summer 1 – June
  • Summer 2 – July

[*International students may start only in only fall and spring semesters. See for deadlines to apply.]



Select the application that best describes your situation. 


[DUAL CREDIT] You are still in high school and want to take dual credit classes as part of your high school program.
[FIRST TIME FRESHMAN] You are planning to enroll after you graduate, or you have already graduated from high school.  You have never attended any college since completing high school.
[READMISSION] You have been a student at Jacksonville College at some time after high school but have not gone anywhere else.
[TRANSFER] You have never attended Jacksonville College, but have attended college elsewhere since high school
[TRANSIENT STUDENT] You are currently a degree-seeking student at another college or university and want to take a limited number of classes with us to transfer back to your degree at the other school. No application needed:  Simply print the linked form, complete, and return to us.
[NON-DEGREE] You are not seeking a degree of any kind anywhere and do not plan to use financial aid. [Limited to 4 classes.]
[INTERNATIONAL] Use ONLY IF you are the citizen of another country, your home is outside the US, and you will be here on an F-1 student visa.



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